Here comes the sun(spots)

February, 2010, was the first month since 2007 with sunspots every day according to for February 27. A quick check of February 28 confirms the streak. So far there have been only 2 spot-free days in 2010. By comparison there were 260 spot-free days in 2009, and there have been 772 spot-free days since 2004. What this means is that one of the quietest periods of solar activity in recent history may be coming to an end.The relevance of this is that sunspot activity has been proposed by many, such as Geerts and Linacre , as a possible driver of Earth's climate patterns, including global warming and cooling cycles. As with most climate theory, the science has not been settled on the link between sunspots and Earth's climate.Most, but not all according to some. Global Warming theory is considered so sacred and settled that until recently any scientist who questioned the tenets of its conclusion that human activity is the primary driver of climate change were subject to...(Read Full Post)