Establishment GOP still resisting the tea party movement

The left and the mainstream media have sufficiently poisoned the minds of mainstream Republican organizers.  Thanks to a year's worth of lies about the Tea Party movement, hammered into the American psyche by the MSM, GOP promoters have swallowed the bait and have opted to stay inside their boxes, resisting attempts to include tea partiers. If GOP campaigns across the country are too afraid to align themselves with the Tea Party movement, then they will lose to Democrats in November. An article in the Wall Street Journal today lays out the reasons for the tea party candidates vs. status quo Republican candidates. [...]the nascent movement [Tea Party]: Should it back fervent long shots who hew to its antigovernment views, or should it rally around more traditional candidates, even if they don't perfectly reflect the movement's distaste for incumbents, taxes and spending? [snip] "The problem with the tea-party movement is it has inspired too many candidates,"...(Read Full Post)