Down on the Farm

In 1945, George Orwell wrote Animal Farm, an allegorical tale of a dystopian farmyard society. Only the most callow among us, plus the President of the United States, would believe that Orwell intended to lay out a blueprint for good governance, rather than a warning about the evils of socialism.But perhaps I'm being too critical of the President: he may never have actually read Animal Farm, and he certainly never read the Cliffs Notes, which are quite clear regarding the theme of the book. In any case, no one can say, because the President will not release his school records. We don't know what was included on his summer reading list. Doubtless he is sparing us the indignity of having our noses rubbed in the objective proof of his unparalleled intellectual prowess. What is obvious, however, is that at some point the Stablemaster in Chief and his Progressive farmhands in congress stopped thinking of We the People as citizens imbued with an inherent right of self-determination,...(Read Full Post)