Docs tell the president to quit smoking, lower cholesterol

After a routine physical examination President Obama was found to be "in overall excellent health." Although deemed fit for duty Obama continues to struggle with two avoidable health issues, elevated cholesterol and holding the title of America's most historic Marlboro Man.  This most recent medical exam indicated Obama's cholesterol levels have risen since 2007.  Why? The President appearsto have a penchant for Chicago "food desert"favorites likecheeseburgers and fries, which likely contributed to Barack's elevated low-density lipid profile. The President's, "latest exam found his overall cholesterol was 209, slightly above the normal level of 2007. His level of LDL, the so-called bad cholesterol, was 138 and his doctor recommended that he try to reduce that to 130 through changes in his diet." What more opportune time than the present for Barack to volunteer to be poster boy for what happens if America fails to implement lifestyle...(Read Full Post)