Chicago's Handgun Ban and RICO

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments concerning the challenge to Chicago ‘s handgun ban ordinance.  Legal scholars and the media focus on the historic importance of whether the Supreme Court will extend the 2nd Amendment to municipalities. Gun control groups argue that a local community should have the right to pass gun laws without concern for the rights of individuals. Gun rights groups argue that the U.S. Constitution and Illinois Constitution guarantee an individual's right to bear arms.What's missed in all this is the history of Chicago's handgun ban. Owning a handgun is an important check on tyranny. A critical figure in getting the Chicago ordinance passed had his own ties to the forces of corruption and tyranny.A Chicago Tribune article from March 20,1982 described the passage of the handgun ban passage:As Friday's council session began, [Mayor] Byrne feared the vote was too close to call. There was extensive backroom debate to determine if the matter...(Read Full Post)