Castro praises Obamacare

Fidel Castro lauding Barack Obama's successful passage of a U.S. health care reform bill is like the late serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer offering kudos to Michelle Obama for her "Let's Move" healthy food campaign. Castro is the architect of a health care system where patients froze to death in Mazorra mental hospital and where, according to John Stossel, Cubans are "crazy with desperation because of poor-quality care." This man considers Barack Obama's victory "miraculous."  Amidst the kudos, Fidel chided Obama only for "taking so long to enact what communist Cuba achieved decades ago." I say, Hallelujah! Obama Care has plans to fund Community Health Centers similar Cuba, where clinics are "in every neighborhood."  If all goes well, America too can attain low infant mortality rates by adopting objectives touted by Cuba. Take for example "Cuban obstetricians aborting fetuses when they think there might be a...(Read Full Post)