Bibi should talk to Senator Nelson about Obama's promises

The key question Israel's Netanyahu should ask himself as he ponders demands by the Obama administration for drastic unilateral concessions to Palestinians in exchange for the promised prospect of peace has nothing to do with the Middle East conflict at all, but should rather be this: "Where is Nebraska Compromise in the recently-passed healthcare reform bill?"This is a relevant question because it sheds clear, bright light on the worth of promises offered by the Obama administration and its minions. To refresh our memory, here is what happened. The democrats needed sixty votes to get the senate version through, but Sen. Nelson of Nebraska would not vote for it. Not to worry! Everyone has his price; that of Sen. Nelson's vote was a promise to him that the federal government will pay for Nebraska's expansion of Medicaid in perpetuity.What a deal! Sen. Nelson accepted it, and voted for the bill. And now that the bill has been signed into the law, should Nebraskans rejoice that...(Read Full Post)