America's new standing in the world

Barack Obama promised to change America's standing in the world, and he has delivered results. Unfortunately for us, the change has made us a doormat - a nation whose Secretary of State can be humiliated in front of the world's press with impunity.Jennifer Rubin of Commentary notes:While Hillary Clinton congratulates herself for the state of U.S.-Israeli relations, she is, for now, on the receiving end of what one might genuinely call an affront. It seems that Vladimir Putin read her the riot act  - in front of the onlooking news corps. Oh, yes. ABC News reports:When reporters traveling with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Moscow were informed that a last-minute meeting with Russia's Prime Minister Valdimir Putin had been added to the schedule, they were told they would only get to see a few seconds of handshakes before being ushered out.Instead, with cameras rolling, they watched Putin spend six minutes rattling off a number of complaints he has with the United...(Read Full Post)