A health care reform lesson in the problems with Toyota's Prius (Updated)

Prius owners have a unique opportunity to drive a gas efficient car while making a statement on behalf of environmental consciousness.  Prius drivers tend toward the type of people who likely drink organic apple juice, wear Birkenstocks and come to the grocery store with cloth satchels coldly staring down shoppers grabbing extra plastic bags.Driving a Prius is like being an itinerant preacher with a Bible, sending a message without a word.  A Prius is a sermon on wheels, a verbal lashing on the open highway. Prius drivers love the environment, are conscious of all things natural, eat quinoa and as an added bonus, at 50 miles to the gallon, have more money to send to Moveon.org.One particular Prius owner in my life is a liberal who spends very little on gas because most of the time his small green car is on the side of the road on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, or in the shop being repaired.  I tease my friend asking, "Why don't you do a Fred Flintstone, cut a hole...(Read Full Post)