When 'denial' is a 'pragmatic' option

At the Democratic National Committee fundraiser the other day, President Obama illustrated the need for healthcare "reform" by using the death of one of his campaign workers from breast cancer. He gives us the gratuitous detail that she insisted on being buried in her Obama T-shirt. The audience took that as a punch line and laughed, but Obama looked at them sternly: being buried, or cremated, in your Obama T-shirt is no laughing matter. You can read more details about Melanie Shouse on the Aggressive Progressive Web site ("Ideas. Inspiration. Action"): So when the lump came, denial seemed the most pragmatic option. When diagnosis finally followed, the cancer had spread through her body to bone, lungs and liver. It was Stage 4 breast cancer. At this point, Melanie had some coverage, in the form of Missouri's Medicaid program - a public option, if you will. And she got better, for a spell. But then her private carrier denied coverage for a treatment her...(Read Full Post)