Waterboarding Lies in the News Again

The AFP reported that "An elite US interrogation unit will conduct ‘scientific research' to find better ways of questioning top suspected terrorists" according to the US intelligence director Dennis Blair.This is its own story.  In fact, it belies the claim that we had more effective, but less harsh, methods that could have used on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), 9/11 mastermind, and others.But the AFP went beyond that story."US interrogation tactics in the global war on terrorism have drawn heavy scrutiny in the United States and overseas because of the past use of techniques like waterboarding that meet international definitions of torture.  Obama formally abolished such methods shortly after taking office..."There are two claims there: (1) waterboarding meets "international definitions of torture" and (2) Obama formally abolished such methods.  Neither of these claims is true.Waterboarding, as conducted by the US or its contractors,...(Read Full Post)