The Super Bowl - it's all about the "Sympathy" Vote

I guess I'm rooting a little bit for the Saints as the underdog partly just because when I think of what's happened in New Orleans over the last several years and how much that team means to them. You know, I'm pretty sympathetic. President Obama to Diane Sawyer when asked, "So serious question, Colts/Saints?" A question before we get into it - where was this ideology of sympathy for the Saints in the '06 NFC Championship game? Oh, that's right, it was against the Bears and his sentiments are on the record - After a lot of thought and a good deal of soul-searching, I would like to announce to my hometown of Chicago and all of America that I'm ready ... For the Bears to go all the way! Homer! Well, at least Obama was spiritual about it and is consistent with his inconsistency. But why quibble? Shiftiness notwithstanding, I think President Obama's answer is simpatico with this generation's elevation of "victimology" and symbology above all else. Rather than...(Read Full Post)