Sometimes "No" Is More Than a One Syllable Word

Here's the stick: Since the election of Scott Brown to the Senate, the Democrats have once again begun to sing in unison that the Republicans are the "Party of No." The Republicans, they assert, have no positive agenda and aren't willing to work in a "bipartisan" fashion in the cause of the American people. Instead, according to the Democrat narrative, the Republicans penchant for voting "no" along party lines is purely obstructionist and tantamount to social treason. Here's the carrot: Since the election of Scott Brown to the Senate, Mr. Obama has decided to invite the Congressional Republicans to a televised series of meetings on how to move forward with the things he says are important to the national interest. His newly discovered sense of "bipartisanship" supposedly reflects Mr. Obama's sincere desire to cooperate with Republicans in enacting a massive new government "health care" program, which would no doubt be a prelude...(Read Full Post)