Obama was for the filibuster in 2005

Suddenly, Democrats are all upset with the filibuster now that Republicans are using it.  At least some Democrats say it is time to end it.  That is not quite what they were saying when Democrats were using the filibuster to stop President Bush's judicial appointments.  At least one Senator, Barack Obama, was quite in favor of the filibuster in 2005 when it was used to stop nine of Bush's appointments, including Miguel Estrada and Janice Rogers Brown. In 2005 I contacted my then-Senator, Barack Obama, regarding the filibuster.  I asked Senator Obama about his views of the filibuster, especially since it was used to block many civil rights laws, including anti-lynching laws.  (I cannot reproduce my original message, since it was not an email.  The only way to contact Senator Obama online was to go to his web site and fill in an online form that left no copy.) Below is his response.From: senator_obama@obama.senate.gov...(Read Full Post)