Lawmakers who don't live under their own laws

Further proof, not that it is needed, that lawmakers believe that the laws and regulations they pass are for the little people; the lawmakers themselves are above the law.

From Jordy Yager of The Hill we learn that

More than 70 percent of congressional offices have violated worker safety standards over the past year.

While the majority of all lawmaker offices on Capitol Hill have at least one health or safety hazard violation, this year's inspection data from the Office of Compliance inspections is an improvement over last year's.

Even more reassuring news about our lawmakers:

The type of violations is also shifting, from what used to be gross safety risks to what are now relatively minor infractions, like lengths of electric cord strung together or a blocked electrical outlet.

Whew, that's a relief. Now of course the offending lawmakers will pay the fines for these violations they wrote into the law from their own pockets rather than the taxpayers'.