Laughter is the best weapon against AGW believers

As the man-made global warming movement disintegrates, something we AGW skeptics must understand is that true believers like Al Gore and his cultist followers aren't going to give up the fight easily. They are going to be much like the soldiers of Imperial Japan in the South Pacific at the end of WWII, who hid in jungle redoubts and mountain caves, refusing to surrender on any terms. Just as back then, with the most recalcitrant of the Warmers, we're going to have to dig 'em out and annihilate them because they are never going to concede that their views were mistaken or their cause futile. What with the lava flow of revelations about the junk science that went into the vaunted IPCC report, you'd think that the mainstream media would be having some second thoughts about being so deeply entrenched in those AGW bunkers wouldn't you? Well, not if our state rag, the Albuquerque Journal, is any example. ABQJ just ran a diatribe on the op-ed page by a self-described physicist who...(Read Full Post)