Getting down to work

For all the talk of an Obama pivot or other policy switch calculated to regain the trust and support of voters, no one seems to be talking about the actual changes he would have to make in how he does business.As Byron York pointed out here,Obama himself has never actually done a job: worked away at it over time, starting with little achievements and working up to significant ones.  Instead, he's always looked for the next position, one which would give him enough power to achieve his lofty goals.But beyond Obama the man, what about his team?  We just watched, for over a year, an administration content to leave the heavy lifting to Congressional Democrats.  White House czars and other staffers were probably working hard behind closed doors with the Congress, but there's a huge difference  between doing that and being responsible for the actual text of a bill.  One that you steer through the interagency process, somehow get by the Office of Management...(Read Full Post)