Droughtgate: Study Finds IPCC had Temperature - Drought Connection Backwards

Add another to the growing list of IPCC outrages.  As I mentioned in last week’s IPCC: International Pack of Climate Crooks, in Chapter 9 of Assessment Report 4’s (AR4) Working Group One (WG1) Report, the IPCC claimed that manmade CO2-driven higher temperatures drive higher evaporation, and thereby cause droughts.  As readers are all too aware, droughts are favorite ingredients in most alarmists’ recipes for manmade climate disaster.  But a paper published last month in Geophysical Research Letters lays out a compelling argument that the IPCC has it completely backwards – that droughts are actually causing warming, not the other way around.In Section 9.1.2, the IPCC states that: [emphasis mine throughout][P]recipitation and temperature are ordinarily inversely correlated in some regions, with increases in temperature corresponding to drying conditions. Thus, a warming trend in such a region that is not associated with rainfall change may indicate...(Read Full Post)