Dalai Lama visit to White House angers China

In an act of shallow defiance to the dictates of America 's stern taskmaster and, lest we forget, majority stockholder, Barack Obama invited the Dalai Lama to the White House for, presumably, a bit of Buddhist enlightenment (and maybe a little karma as well). Never one to shy away from one-upmanship, our petulant President chose to "diss" the Communist Head Honchos rather than engage them in actual grown-up diplomacy.As proof that this was merely a show of puerile posturing, devoid of any principle, Mr. Obama, then had his venerated visitor escorted out the back door of the White House  with out so much as a wave good-bye.Now I can just hear all you rabid Obama detractors out there with your "he's all style and no substance" rant, or being hyper-critical over his complete lack of gravitas in all aspects of his role as Leader of the Free World. Well let's all just take a deep breath and relax before overreacting to this latest diplomatic faux pas. We...(Read Full Post)