Congressman John Murtha dead at 77

Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha died today from complications following gall bladder surgery. He was 77.Murtha, the unofficial "King of Pork," became a controversial figure following his switch from war supporter to war critic in 2005. I wrote this today about him at PJ Media:It was his outspoken criticism of the war in Iraq and subsequent libels against Marines who fought a confusing engagement in Haditha that riled war supporters and caused many in the military to despise him. Some saw his opposition to the war as a political ploy to gain favor with liberals in Congress to buttress his failed campaign for majority leader. Others believe he saw the effect of the war on the nation's readiness, and the toll it was taking on individual soldiers who repeatedly went back to Iraq or were prevented from coming home due to the "stop-loss" policy. Either reason is plausible given Murtha's history.His criticism of the Marine action at Haditha is less justifiable....(Read Full Post)