Business loans in Obama's budget another form of pork

Obama rolled out his massive $3.8 trillion budget yesterday and, as Politico writes, it "shows that, like any politician, he's focused on rewarding friends and not enemies. Just take a look at the huge increase in education. Teachers unions are a strong component of the Obama coalition." "Like any politician" - does someone I the media finally get it? During the campaign and afterwards, we were fed an image that he transcended politics, was our Savior, was bipartisan, was ‘like a God". Pastor Jeremiah Wright was right. He knew Obama like few others did and he told us that Obama was ‘just a politician". Aside from that observation, there is a huge increase in small business "lending".The president touted the importance of small businesses to the economy at length during his State of the Union, and his budget gives small companies big advantages. Obama's budget completely eliminates capital gains taxes for investments in the...(Read Full Post)