Will Massachusetts send ACORN flunky Coakley to replace Ted Kennedy?

On January 19, Massachusetts will hold a special election to fill the U.S. Senate seat held formerly by the late Ted Kennedy.  The Democratic candidate, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, was one of only six attorneys general to receive a grade of A+ from ACORN in 2008. In her news release, Ms. Coakley said, "I am honored to have received this recognition from ACORN."As attorney general, Ms. Coakley has been responsible for licensing all nonprofit organizations operating in her state, and overseeing the reporting and financial disclosures of those organizations. To the extent ACORN was operating in Massachusetts, it was doing so with the express approval of Ms. Coakley's office. Whatever ACORN's unlawful operations in Massachusetts may have been, Ms. Coakley had the authority and obligation to take actions to stop them.The Boston Globe reports Ms. Coakley is outpacing her Republican opponent, Scott Brown, in fundraising nearly 5 to 1.Michelle Malkin shows...(Read Full Post)