Why the health care bill's benefits don't go into effect until 2014

10. Canadian health boards wanted four more years of having somewhere to send their citizens to get medical care. 9. The benefits were supposed to start sooner but Senator Baucus had a few too many before writing the bill. 8. Harry Reid doesn’t care that 20.5 million people will lose health insurance between now and then. 7. To ensure Obama can run for reelection before the health care disaster hits (oh wait…not a joke). 6. To give the Democrats time to reinstall the inheritance tax before the death panels get going.  5. “To do it right.” -- Barack Obama (Good one Mr. President, who says you don’t have a sense of humor?) 4. Obama wants to acclimatize Americans to long wait times.  3. Because members of Congress know Chuck Norris is waiting for them. 2. The government needs a few extra years to cover the bribes used to get the bill passed. 1. Because 2014 is when the Stimulus spending will really start...(Read Full Post)