Taliban leader connected to CIA attack in Pakistan is dead

Barcepundit reports:TALIBAN LEADER IN PAKISTAN HAKIMULLAH MEHSUD HAS BEEN KILLED by a US drone, according to Sky News who cites Pakistani TV. The local paper The Nation, though, says the attack took place on January 14; Mehsud was injured and succumbed three days later.According to Sky News, Meshud played a role in the attack on the CIA base in December:It is believed to have played a role in the suicide bombing of a CIA base in Afghanistan in December last year - one of the worst disasters the American secret service has suffered.Hakimullah's profile was raised after he appeared in a farewell video with Humam Khalil Abu Mulal al Balawi - the Jordanian doctor-turned-suicide bomber and triple agent who killed the seven agency employees.Before he became Taliban chief, Hakimullah was a commander of 8,000 militants in ethnic Pashtun tribal regions and is considered to have been more violent than his predecessor.He claimed responsibility for a daring suicide attack on Peshawar's Pearl...(Read Full Post)