Obama's sucker punch; McDonnell's knock out punch

Obama's sucker punch, McDonnell's knockout punchIn what is nothing short of an embarrassing, patronizing, and un-presidential moment, President Obama threw the proverbial sucker punch at the Supreme Court last night during his State of the Union address when he verbally chastised the justices for the Citizens United ruling. Obama ridiculed the justices in a nationally televised speech much to the joy and amusement of Congressional Democrats. Their boisterous standing applause is equally demeaning as Obama's statement. The Supreme Court justices are Congress's invited guests. As a host you do not ostracize your guests publicly, especially Supreme Court justices. Congressional Democrats were obliged to remain silent when Obama foolishly patronized and embarrassed the justices. I was hopeful that one or more of the justices would have a Joe Wilson moment and shout "You Lie" to the President. We settled for Associate Justice Alito's shaking his head and mouthing the words...(Read Full Post)