Obama's magicians trick - misdirection

Well..this should come as a big surprise. Barack Obama says one thing in a speech and does the exact opposite it in real life. The man who famously scolded Hillary Clinton by saying "Words Matter" only meant they matter when his patter can fool the people he disdains. Two recent examples from the State of The Union address.From today's New York Post: 'What frustrates the American people," President Obama declared Wednesday, "is a Washington where every day is Election Day," adding, "We can't wage a perpetual campaign."It was a welcome call to end the partisanship that has gripped the political process -- but a prescription rendered utterly meaningless when, just minutes after finishing the speech, Obama's permanent-campaign organization dispatched a mass e-mail soliciting, yes, campaign funds."I just finished delivering my State of the Union address," was the personal presidential message distributed by Organizing for America. "I set...(Read Full Post)