Obama's Kool Aid

Will the Democrats continue to drink Obama's Kool Aid in the wake of the Massachusetts repudiation?No doubt, Obama lost Massachusetts.  Nonetheless, Wednesday night on Fox, Susan Estrich offered an alternative hypothesis -- not the fault of Obama's ideas, a problem with Congress' process; not the fault of health care, a problem with Coakley's campaign.  Weak, I know, but might this narratives-based explanation be embraced by a substance-light administration?  Such an approach would require complete denial, a disconnect from reality and full delusion fueled by a total lack of humility, extreme vanity and a bit of self-worship.  Hmmm.Nonetheless, the march toward Jonestown continues:  Coakley, Corzine, Deeds, Dodd, Dorgan, Griffith.... Obama/Reid/Pelosi's radical leftism is the Guyana Kool-Aid in this the Dems' story of mass suicide.  It is interesting though to compare the Jim Jones of 1978 and Obama.  It may still be debatable whether the original...(Read Full Post)