NFL hiring practices a racial sham

The Seattle Seahawks have reached a deal in principle with famed and the current University of Southern California coach Pete Carroll, paving the way for the coaching legend to likely make a huge splash into the NFL coaching ranks. The national and sports media are likely to spend hours debating the merits of Carroll leaving a college dynasty for the shifting fortunes of the NFL - the same NFL that devoured Steve Spurrier in his short stint with the Redskins several years ago. Less likely to be discussed, if at all, is the hypocrisy and institutionalized racism of the NFL's affirmative action hiring policy known as the Rooney Rule - named for former Pittsburgh Steelers owner, unabashed Obama supporter, and current US ambassador to Ireland: Dan Rooney: Carroll was expected to be introduced by the Seahawks as early as Monday, after the team interviewed Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier on Saturday morning.According to the sources, Frazier met with the Seahawks in...(Read Full Post)