National dems have only themselves to blame for Coakley loss

How confident were Democrats--both the local Massachusetts and national--that Marcia, whoops! Martha Coakley would win the people's seat held by the late Senator Ted Kennedy (D) for over 45 years?
According to CNN, this confident.

Democratic pollster Celinda Lake revealed Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union" that Martha Coakley, the Democratic candidate, ran no polls for several weeks in the short campaign because she lacked funding.

According to Lake, Coakley, the Massachusetts attorney general, asked national Democratic organizations for funding for her campaign but was turned down. Lake said Democratic officials told Coakley, "You don't need it."

And she didn't. And Democratic polling wouldn't have helped. No to Obamacare, yes to treating terrorists as terrorists, not criminals, are as natural to the Democrats as air so nothing to question, to poll. And the anticipated heiress Democrat outspent the Republican with the 200,000 mile truck nearly 4 to 1.

Additional funding wouldn't have helped. Because it was the people's seat. And they decided what they wanted rather than what they told they wanted.

Obviously what they wanted was someone who forthrightly understood their concerns about higher taxes, increased government interference in their health care and government caring more about terrorists' rights than the people's right to safety. And Coakley didn't have it

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