Another 'People's seat" in Delaware

Senator elect Scott Brown's (R-MA) revolutionary concept of the people's seat that must be won, and re won, each election by actually appealing to the people as opposed to a lifetime sinecure and/or inheritance seems to be spreading. Charles Mahtesian of Politico reports that Vice President Joe Biden's (D) son, Beau, has decided not to run for the Delaware senate seat his father relinquished when he became vice president.

After the senior Biden and his running mate won the presidential election, a family friend was appointed to fill out the remainder of his seat with the understanding that he wouldn't run for re-election; he was merely to keep it warm for the younger Biden who was called--and served--honorably in Iraq. However

"I have a duty to fulfill as Attorney General - and the immediate need to focus on a case of great consequence. And that is what I must do," Biden said in a statement. "Therefore I cannot and will not run for the United States Senate in 2010. I will run for reelection as Attorney General."

And how does this decision affect the forthcoming Delaware open senate race now without an incumbent?

Biden's decision dealt a serious blow to Democratic hopes of retaining the seat and puts the party at a decided disadvantage against Republican Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.), the popular former governor and veteran congressman who has comfortably won reelection since first winning his House seat in 1992.


A lot can happen in the nine months til the general election but remember--yes you can.