Massachusetts governor race another sign of Democratic weakness

While much attention has been focused on the Massachusetts Senatorial contest to take over the seat held by the late Ted Kennedy (where the Republican candidate in this bluest of blue states may only be trailing the lackluster Democratic candidate by single digits) further drama for Democrats is happening in the governor's race. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is a close friend of Barack Obama's (they also shared the same campaign strategist, David Axelrod, who peddled the same lines for Obama as he did for Patrick). Patrick's policies are very similar to those promoted by Obama. The health care policies followed in Massachusetts (passed when Romney was governor, but supported by Patrick) share similarities with those of the Reid and Pelosi bills . These policies and Patrick are both deeply unpopular.Conversely, the Republican gubernatorial hopeful Charles Baker is raking in the dough. In one of the most aggressive political fund-raising pushes in recent memory, Republican...(Read Full Post)