Keith Olbermann's crocodile tears over SCOTUS campaign finance decision

Keith Olbermann spent the final 15 minutes of his Thursday night program, Countdown, on a long winded diatribe condemning this week's Supreme Court ruling on the deregulation of campaign financing. Olbermann predicted the end of American civilization as we know it, as corporations will now buy candidates and influence elections with complete disregard for the needs and wants of the citizens of our now-dead democracy. Olbermann announced this error in the Court's judgment as devastating and unjust as the Dred Scott case of 1857. He said that Chief Justice Roberts's deciding vote is akin to that of Justice Roger Taney in that fateful case against the rights of African Americans.First things first: Justice Taney was a DEMOCRAT! And in 1990, 1993, and 2002 cases when regulations limited corporate involvement in political campaigns, the majority on the Court leaned liberal. But now that the majority leans conservative, suddenly the decision is unfair. Mr. Olbermann is frightened that...(Read Full Post)