Does America sit under a rising, or setting sun?

Once, a group of rowdy, boisterous Americans successfully rebelled against the world's greatest superpower - all over some not-very-onerous taxes.  Today, docile and decadent Americans are preparing to roll over and acquiesce to wholesale government take-over of their mortal bodies, under the rubric of "health care reform." Once, Americans built the world's tallest skyscraper - the Empire State Building - in little more than a year in the midst of the Great Depression.  Today, a gaping hole in the Manhattan skyline remains almost nine years after the Twin Towers fell, and the world's new tallest building opens - in Dubai.Once, the United States simultaneously destroyed both Hitler's Third Reich and Tojo's Imperial Japan, whose combined armies had overrun much of the world and seemed all but invincible only a few years previous.  Today, the United States talks...(Read Full Post)