Conscienceless Martha Coakley

First referring to "separation of church and state" -- of all things -- "Massachusettes" (as she spells it in her recent ad) Senate candidate Martha Coakley says in an interview being reported, but not in the liberal media, that pro-life Catholics probably shouldn't work in hospital emergency rooms.She opposes efforts to ensure Obamacare exempts medical professionals of conscience from assisting with abortions. So, Martha thinks the government can override the freedom of conscience in private work environments.  That's all the more reason to know that government intervention into the private sector will erode freedoms.  It won't make the private sector more efficient -- quite the opposite, of course -- but it will mean the private sector will report to Washington.Listening to Martha in the WBSM interview, she sounds even more arrogant and mean-spirited than print exposes.In the pre-election spotlight, Martha has managed to fly to Washington for a K Street...(Read Full Post)