Another veteran Democrat Senator in trouble

Congressman Mike Pence (Republican-Indiana 6th district) leads long-time Democratic Senator Evan Bayh in a Rasmussen Poll released over the weekend. This is a significant development and reflective of a mood that sees even moderate politicians, such as Bayh, losing support in the wake of one year of  rule by the troika of Obama, Reid and Pelosi. The import of this cannot be overstated. The GOP has been wooing Mike Pence to take on Bayh this November. . Many people may be familiar with Pence from his frequent media appearances-he is not only number three in the House leadership but is one of the more telegnic leaders of the GOP, who thinks quickly on his feet and handles the media well. I just finished a wonderful book, Rendezvous with Destiny: Ronald Reagan and the Campaign That Changed America, on Ronald Reagan's campaign for the presidency, and learned that Pence was one of the Republican leaders who were inspired to enter politics by the rise of Reagan. He shares attributes...(Read Full Post)