Al Qaeda's internal politics

Recently, I asked, why hadn't we heard from Osama Bin Laden after the Christmas Day bombing attempt?  Did he approve or disapprove? Doesn't the rise of al Qaeda in Yemen inevitably mean rivalry within the jihadist movement?Bin Laden has now spoken, we think, but intelligence officials have dismissed his recently released taped message, calling it merely an effort by Bin Laden to "appear in direct command."A former Bin Laden associate says the Yemeni faction want nothing to do with Bin Laden: "I believe that if Osama bin Laden gave these people an instruction, they would do the opposite." Which is unfortunate in his view, because at least his old boss had ethical standards: Bin Laden would consult "religious authorities" before ordering someone's death while these new guys just "attack immediately without any consultation." And one of Bin Laden's sons recently told Reuters that "If there were no more enemies left on earth, I believe [al...(Read Full Post)