A practical lesson in populism for Obama

President Obama has finally listened to the American people and rightly decided that New York City is an inappropriate venue for trying 9/11 terrorists. Well and good. May this humble citizen make a suggestion, Mr. President?Let's try ‘em in Texas.Like maybe in Judge Roy Bean's, West O' the Pecos courtroom way out there in Langtry, where they will be handled with the proper decorum and kept fully advised of their legal rights.Right up until we hang all them sorry, murderin' Jihadi bastards from the porch rafters.Questions anyone? Sir?Appeals? You're kiddin' right?Oh, an' if you an' the missus wanna come out here for a date night and catch them hangin's, we'd be proud to have ya. Lotsa beer, barbecue an' Texas two-steppin' ya know? You been sayin' you wanna be a populist, right? Well, hell, Bubba, come on out an' see us, you hear.(Read Full Post)