We were warned

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which, as its name states, follows and studies the various media from all over the middle east in their original language--not some sanitized, (mis)translated version for gullible Europeans and Americans--posted an article by Nasir Al-Wahishi, the "Emir of Al-Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula." (AQAP)

Posted on jihadist websites in late October, 2009, the article, "War is Deception" encouraged other jihadists to follow the path of an AQAP suicide terrorist bomber who nearly killed the Saudi Deputy Interior Minister and told them how to do it.

"Make the explosives into a bomb that you can throw, set off with a timer, explode by remote, or make them into an explosives belt; or you can put them in any electronic device, like a digital recorder in which you hear the tunes of explosions, or in a photo album, a folder, or an envelope. Explode them on any taghut,[3] spy nest, Emir, minister, or Crusader, wherever you find them.

"Likewise, [you should explode them] in the airports of the Western Crusader countries that have taken part in the war against the Muslims, or in their planes, on their residential blocks, or in their metros, and so on. There is always a stratagem [to be found] if you think and rely on Allah, and have no fear of it being discovered after you have hidden it well. By the power of Allah, it can not be discovered..."

Al-Wahishi seemed to direct his remarks at anyone eager to participate, for the moment let's call him (or maybe even her) an isolated extremist,

For our part, we will make contact with anyone who wants to wage jihad with us, and we will guide him to a suitable means to kill the collaborators and the archons of unbelief...

So, did Al-Wahishi help the alleged Nigerian Muslim isolated extremist?

According to media reports, 'Abd Al-Muttalib, the would-be bomber of NWA flight 253, had 80 grams of the explosive PETN sewn into his underwear.[4] This method of hiding the explosives in or near one's private parts may also be suggestive of an Al-Qaeda connection.


AQAP has also focused in its recent propaganda on the use of small amounts of powerful explosives.

Admitting much is still unknown about the alleged Nigerian Muslim isolated extremist they conclude, why yes

the circumstantial evidence drawn from AQAP's own publications and videos indicates that such a connection is plausible, and that the organization was actively seeking to assist in bombing plots like the attempt to blow up NWA 253.