Strange priorities in Obamaland

Let me get the facts straight.  On Christmas day, an al-Qaida associated suicide bomber nearly incinerates a planeload of Americans over Detroit.  Our fearless leader makes a flaccid statement three days later, decrying the act.  What took three days?  Was he busy golfing, shooting hoops, or just working out at the gym?

Later on that day, the son of a friend who was vacationing with the Obama family in Hawaii has a minor accident.  The nine year-old son of Dr. Eric Whitaker bumps his head during a surfing lesson.  Obama instantly interrupts his golf game to rush back to his luxury resort and check on his friend's son's condition.  As it turns out, he is fine.

My question is: Why does a friend's son get immediate attention while the safety of American citizens takes three days of vacation before getting around to addressing it?  The Narcissist-in-Chief reveals himself again?