The mainstream media not covering the mainstream

The mainstream media has all but shut down coverage of Ft. Hood, and the White House has delayed a congressional investigation.  The media has also provided little news on the Lakewood murders.

Where’s the media?  Oh, they’re saturating the air waves with stories about a couple from the Virginia hunt country, and their adventures at the White House; and don’t forget Tiger Woods and his “transgressions”.

On November 5, 2009, when Dr. Nidal Hasan, a Muslim psychiatrist for the Army, took out his guns and began killing soldiers in Ft. Hood, Texas, he was declaring war; his own mentally imbalanced induced war, or a deliberate war in the name of Islam.  The White House and its mainstream press played political correctness games, and avoided calling the terrorist act for what it was.  President Obama’s non-reaction to the Texas killings showed a lack of appropriate response to a national tragedy by a president.  On the contrary, former President Bush visited the families of the victims shortly after the incident, but very few media outlets covered it.  Bush did the right thing, but what is right is not being reported. reported that Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich., the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee said in a written statement:

How can it be that the House Committee on Homeland Security has launched an investigation and called hearings within a week to look into the couple who crashed a recent White House state dinner, yet a month after Fort Hood there has yet to be a single congressional hearing into the Fort Hood attack. went on:

But lawmakers have delayed a congressional investigation into the shooting rampage that killed 13 and wounded 29 at Fort Hood last month. The Senate Armed Services Committee postponed its briefing last month at the behest of the White House despite calls from some lawmakers to press forward with a probe.

On November 29, 2009 in Lakewood, Washington, a career criminal shot and killed four police officers who were having a cup of coffee.  Media coverage of these senseless killings has been scanty. Michelle Malkin profiles the murders in her blog:

My column today steps back and looks at the past year of violence against police officers and the cultural war that has been waged against them for the past several decades. The Left has a popular mantra: “Stop the hate.” Why don’t they start applying it to the men and women who protect and serve?

Suppression of the news is the rule in communist countries, but why here, why now?  The pattern is emerging.  Investigative journalism is now too dangerous to the cause.  Leftists are now in control of the White House and the media.  They must keep a tight lid on the news that might awaken people’s anger.

In Venezuela, Chavez simply tells the media outlets that he is shutting them down and, bingo, it’s done.  Not so, in the U.S.  That kind of communist technique is too obvious here.  Ironically, the White House has not had to force the mainstream media into accepting its plan of domination of communications outlets.  No, the overreaching government has a compliant Leftist media that is more than glad to abide by the new rules. 

Ft. Hood, Lakewood, true Americans are not forgetting the price you all have paid for living in a free country.  True Americans know that these crimes should be all over the news, and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  They know the mainstream media is involved in a conspiracy to cover up the facts. True Americans get the message.

Ann Kane:
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