NOW objects to 'Bo-Tax'

Apparently the Democratic party didn't consult with the first woman Speaker of the House, Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), about taxing cosmetic surgery so they hit something of a wall when they proposed to do so.

Although more women than men approve of the Democratic so called health care reform bills, this depends on whose face is being gored, uhm excuse me again, or whose face is being surgically enhanced. Women are deeply opposed to the proposed 5% so called Bo-Tax (from botox, get it?) on cosmetic surgery to help pay for "affordable health care coverage for everyone."

Sez who? Sez the president of the National Organization of Women, (NOW) no less. As quoted by Jesse McKinley in the New York Times

Terry O'Neill, the president of the National Organization for Women, said middle-age women, who make up a bulk of her group's financers, would be particularly susceptible to the tax, especially now. Many who have lost jobs might be considering surgery, she said, because they are looking to impress potential employers.

"They have to find work," Ms. O'Neill said. "And they are going for Botox or going for eye work, because the fact is we live in a society that punishes women for getting older."

Ms. O'Neill said women commonly pay higher health insurance premiums and suffer wage discrepancies from men. "And now they are going to put a tax on middle-aged women in a society that devalues them for being middle aged?" she said.

However in this recession, men have a higher unemployment rate, especially in the male dominated construction industry; middle aged men in middle management, competing with younger men for the same jobs, are also at an age disadvantage.

Perhaps Bo-Tax will finally open women's cosmetically lifted eyes to visualize how unaffordable affordable government health care really is.