Solving the al-Awlaki problem

It appears that the Yemeni government, doing the work that American intelligence agencies won't do, have sent a number of Al Qaeda bigwigs off to their virginal reward: "Initial reports that the airstrike may have been the work of the CIA seem to have been mistaken: Yemeni authorities say it was their jets that conducted the dawn operation, in the province of Shabwa, 400 miles south of the capital Sana'a. In a statement, the Yemeni embassy in Washington D.C. said the strike targeted a meeting of "scores of Yemeni and foreign Al Qaeda operatives." The meeting had been called to discuss retaliation for government raids in mid-December on al-Qaeda hideouts in Abyan and Sana'a provinces.Around 30 people are reported to have been killed in the strike, among them, Nasser Al-Wuhayshi, the regional al-Qaeda leader and his deputy, Saeed Al-Shihri, a former Gitmo detainee."  The strike was focused on the home of Anwar Al-Awlaki, the radical American imam who was email...(Read Full Post)