Rush in hospital after chest pains

While on vacation in Hawaii, Rush Limbaugh experienced chest pains and was taken to The Queens Medical Center in Honolulu, where he is reported to be resting comfortably. No further information on his condition is available. Millions of Americans, including me, are praying for Rush's complete and rapid recovery. I have long been concerned over his pattern of massive weight loss, followed by gradual weight gain. The so-called yo-yo dieting pattern is known to be bad for the heart. Since Rush is currently rather slender (much more svelte than in the 2 year old "file photo" used by AP in their story), I hope he will maintain his current weight with sensible eating and moderate healthy exercise.America needs a healthy and long-lived Rush. He is without a doubt the most important conservative voice in America.The Queens Medical Center is one of two hospitals which have been named as Barack Obama's birthplace. The president has not seen fit to release his original birth...(Read Full Post)