Property rights under six-pronged assault

It has been called the best guarantor of American liberty and it is now under massive assault by liberal regulatory agencies and legislative manuever.Quinn Hillyer, senior editorial writer for the Washington Times , writes of the attack on property rights encompassing six separate venues. The EPA is targeting "all interstate and intrastate waters of the United States," for regulation rather than the more general "navigable waters" that is the standard now.  This could mean unconscionable interference in property rights if you happen to have a small stream or pond on your property. And, of course, the EPA has just declared CO2 a pollutant. While they claim this ruling will only cover "large" corporations like power companies, the potential is there for much worse damage to your property.Some other examples:The third assault on property rights occurred earlier this year, when the Obama administration shredded the key property right of contracts as...(Read Full Post)