Our Heart to Lord Christopher Monckton

The United Nations Conference on Climate Change (UNCCC or COP15) in Copenhagen has concluded with no treaty , no “agreement”, no “goals” other than trivial ones, no “enforcement” provisions, and no “reparations” to third world countries, whom do we thank?The person credited with the first, most credible denouncement of man-made global warming is MIT Professor Richard Lindzen, who presented a paper in 2005 called “Is the Global Warming Alarm Founded on Fact?”  There are the unknown conscientious “objectors” who, just prior to the UNCCC, released thousands of emails and documents proving decades of fraud by the “global warming” institutions and “scholars.”  Then came the many scholarly websites (junkscience.com, wattsupwiththat.com, climatedepot.com, icecap.us, cfact.org, sppi.org—to mention just a few) and the scientists who worked over-time analyzing the leaked...(Read Full Post)