Obama agrees to 'cap' the global temperature rise

Politico reported that, “President Obama and world leaders are on the verge of finalizing a climate deal that caps the global temperature rise at 1.5 degrees,” just before the “Copenhagen Accord” was confirmed.My first thought was: That sounds like something from the Justice League cartoon. After accepting that this lunacy is real life stuff, my second was: I have never read a more arrogant statement in my life.While they were at it maybe they should have agreed to keep the earth on its orbit. Or perhaps they should have agreed to prevent the sun from having its violent outbursts.If it turns out that the earth is actually cooling, I wonder if the warming alarmists will convert to cooling alarmists and agree to stop the declining global temperature at a certain point.Anyone possessing a personality syndrome which renders capable a belief that world leaders have the power to “cap” the earth’s temperature should not be allowed to serve as...(Read Full Post)