How Obama could actually earn his Nobel Prize

OBAMA: (talking into phone)  You got it, Tiger.  Stay cool, man.  Call me when you've settled in.  [Hangs up phone]  Finally!  An opportunity to show the world I deserve the Nobel.   Tiger and Elin will arrive at Camp David on Monday to begin peace negotiations.  Leon? PANETTA:  We just received independent confirmation of a truce, sir.  Ms. Nordegren has suspended offensive operations and hot pursuit, and Mr. Woods agreed to stop retreating long enough to attend the summit. OBAMA:  Good.  As you all know, Jesse and Bill have consented to be our lead mediators. JACKSON:  If they're talkin', he's not stalkin', and they're not walkin'. CLINTON:  Good ‘un, Jesse.  Lemme try one:  "If we all pull together, they won't pull apart." OBAMA:  Uh, OK.  Zbig, talk  strategy.  How do we play this? BRZEZINSKI:  Stage One: President Clinton hashes things out with...(Read Full Post)