How far will Ayers turn against Obama?

On two unprompted occasions in October of this year, Bill Ayers admitted to having written Barack Obama's acclaimed memoir, Dreams From My Father.At the time, I wrote of these admissions that "however ironic their delivery, [they] remind Obama who put him in the White House and who can take him out." I suspected then, and still do, that this shot across Obama's bow was meant to get his attention on the question of troop deployment to Afghanistan.After months of dithering, Obama turned his back on his leftwing base, Ayers included, and grudgingly consented to a troop surge.  Ayers is not pleased.  On Wednesday night, he took to the streets of Chicago to protest.  Never shy about using stark language, Ayers told an interviewer just what he thought about his protégé's policy.I am here demonstrating against the war because I am appalled and alarmed that once against we are escalating the war.    And the idea that there are benchmarks...(Read Full Post)