Getting a lump for Christmas

Back on the 1st of the month the Washington Pos t reported:

"...congressional budget analysts said the measure would leave premiums unchanged or slightly lower for the vast majority of Americans, contradicting assertions by the insurance industry that the average family's coverage would rise by thousands of dollars if the proposal became law."

But, as the health care carnival continues to display a continuing variety of grotesque options in its tattered tents, we've learned that the freak shows aren't free. The CBO reported that with the multi-headed (read: bureaucracy) monster sown together like some Frankenstein creature, is going to cost, presently, because they're not done yet, "some American families [will] pay what amounts to a $15,200 annual federally mandated insurance-fee . . ."

So, which one do you think you're going to be? The some who'll pay 15-plus grand or the vast majority who will be ‘unchanged or slightly lower'?

Christmas is coming and the Obama Administration wants a present, but the people are looking at a lump. But is that lump coal or cancer, because this ‘health care bill' is already malignant as it grows and grows to destroy the most viable health care system in the world.