Americans believe fighting global warming will help the economy

Sorry, but I couldn't pass this one up.

It's an AP poll so all the usual caveats apply, but what I found fascinating was the unrealness of how AP interpreted the results.

First, they referred to AGW as "global warming pollution." Now that's a killer of a joke. But then, when describing the results of the poll - less than a third of respondents believe the GOP argument that cap and trade and other AGW measures will cost jobs - the AP's Dina Capiello quoted a "fan" of Al Gore who said "People are going to be shifted from one job to another..."

This was the argument that AP used to debunk GOP claims that fighting global warming "pollution" will cost jobs.

And with no hint of irony, after acknowledging lost jobs in the oil, coal and gas businesses, Capiello added, "But many jobs would probably be replaced by "green jobs" such as making wind turbines, installing solar panels and insulating homes."

Sure...lets get the tens of thousands of coal miners who are going to lose their jobs to move to those towns where they're making solar panels or wind turbines. No problem. Let's get right on that.

How hard can it be to make a solar panel? And I'm sure those 40-50 year old miners are just itching for a chance to change jobs.

No link to any of the internals for this poll which probably means they interviewed fewer than 20% Republicans. But its not so much the poll that anyone should be upset with. Rather it is the AP's blatant promotion of Obama's agenda and parroting his cockamamie arguments that should concern us.

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